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12 week program starting 15 February 2023

Essential hacks for
scale-up leaders

This 12 week online and interactive leadership program shows the hacks that will save you time, reduce stress and confusion, and increase alignment, performance and engagement in your team 

Can you afford detours?

In a startup or scale-up, you need to reach results fast. So don't be one of the 23% of scale-ups that fail because of the wrong team and bad leadership. Take the fast-track and get access to the knowledge, tools and templates that smart leaders in fast-growing companies use to reduce overwhelm, insecurity and confusion – and become a confident, effective and high-performing leader that your team loves working with.

How it works

Each hack goes through the same cycle

Learning session to understand

Template or tool to implement

Coaching session to practice

The 6 hacks that will transform your team's performance

This program is not just more general leadership theory – it's simple to use, practical tools and skills specifically designed for the challenges of a fast-growing company 

Abstract Futuristic Background

Leadership mindset

Become a multiplier


Learn how to adopt the mindset and habits of leaders who understand how to prioritize in order to multiply intelligence among their employees and have up to twice as much impact.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Prioritize

  • Delegate effectively

  • Coach and empower your team



Psychological safety

Make it safe to learn & fail fast


Learn how to make everyone safe to share ideas, challenge each other, and admit to and learn from mistakes. Psychological safety is the single most important factor to get a high-performing team.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Build trusting relationship

  • Increase psychological safe

  • Facilitate creative workshops



Team performance

Create clarity in chaos 


Learn how to create alignment easily and get people to run in the same direction, set clear expectations despite constant change, and hold everyone accountable to high standards.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Set clear goals 

  • Provide context 

  • Hold people accountable

Growing the team

Hire well at speed


Learn the do's and dont's of hiring, and how to look for growth mindset – which is necessary for a job that will look different tomorrow (and the day after that).

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Define needs in time

  • Interview candidates accurately

  • Identify growth mindset 



Employee engagement

Spark the fire in your team


Learn what makes your people tick and how to get them excited about work. It will not only increase performance, but also most likely make them stay longer on your team!

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Assess individual motivation 

  • Recognize achievements

  • Give constructive feedback



Conflict & difficult conversations

Take the bull by the horns

Learn how to handle difficulties in a smooth way – from team members clinching to addressing performance issues or toxic behavior. Knowing what to do can save you a lot of headache! 

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Address low performance

  • Communicate effectively






Your facilitator 

Kina Liungman is a leadership developer and ICC diplomated coach who is passionate about developing businesses and people. As the former Chief People & Performance Officer at a Nordic insure-tech company, she has great experience of the different phases an organization goes through as it scales – and the challenges that come with them. She has coached leaders in all company stages and also acts as a coach and advisor for CEOs and Chief People Officers on leadership, culture and other people topics.

Follow me on LinkedIn for ongoing inspiration and resources!

Fists in Solidarity
I cannot say enough things about Kina's managerial style. She is amazing! She empowers all those around her to be nothing short of their best. Kina empowered me to become a better recruiter, colleague, and person. She is so supportive and pushes you to do more than even you think you are capable of. Kina has the unique ability to create trust from the mere seconds you meet her. I truly wish everyone gets to have someone like Kina as a colleague and manager. She is the true definition of one of a kind."

– Valerie, direct report at insure-tech scale-up Hedvig

Bonuses to a value of €500 

Measure your development

Leadership assessments

One assessment of your current leadership skills – and one follow up two months after the program

Value: €130 x 2

Follow up

Group coaching

One extra group coaching session two months after the program has ended, for full integration of your learnings

Value: €110

Network of startup & scale-up leaders

Private community 

Access to our private community platform for ongoing support and networking during the program – and 6 months after​

Value: €15 x 9

A limited never again offer

Futuristic Modern Black and White Logo (2)_edited.jpg
You get a €3000 valued leadership program tailored for your challenges
You pay only €590

excl. 25% VAT

Excited News
Limited offer
Create clarity in the midst of chaos (17).png
Why this limited offer?

This program is the first step in building a solution for scalable leadership development. The highly reduced price is to get as many people as possible to join, in order for us to learn and get more feedback from leaders about the course setup – so we can help even more leaders maximize their business growth in a scalable way.

You get a highly relevant and valuable leadership program for a fraction of the cost, and we get to interview you for 20 minutes by the end of the program. Win-win!

Create clarity in the midst of chaos (19)_edited.jpg

Sign up to accelerate your impact

If you have any questions before signing up, just send us an email to 

More details about the program

Live learning

We will have live learning sessions every other Wednesday, at 11.30-12.15 (CET) on the following dates:


  • 15 February

  • 1 March

  • 15 March

  • 29 March

  • 12 April

  • 26 April

These sessions will be recorded and available to you throughout the program. So if you miss one session, you can always watch it later.

Group coaching

We will have a group coaching session every other week, and you choose the slot that suits your schedule best. All times are in CET.

Session 1: Tuesday 21 February

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00


Session 2: Tuesday 7 March

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00


Session 3: Tuesday 21 March

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00


Session 4: Tuesday 4 April

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00 

Session 5: Tuesday 18 April

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00

Session 6: Tuesday 2 May

  • 08.30-10.00 or

  • 10.30-12.00

These sessions are interactive and will not be recorded


The live sessions will be recorded and fully accessible in the course library throughout the prorgam.


The group coaching sessions will not be recorded.

Time allocation

Everything you learn in this program is aimed to be directly applicable in your work, and you will get to act on your new knowledge every week - fully integrated in your everyday work life.


On average you can estimate ca 2 hours per week dedicated to learning, coaching and preparation.

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