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Join our top-rated leadership program starting 22 August

10 weeks online with group coaching & learning sessions

Are you ready to become a
High-Performing Leader?

Equip yourself with the smartest hacks to lead your team to success

Are you tired of dealing with frustrated team members who want a clarity you cannot always give?
Do you feel unsure of how to coach, motivate and support your team members to higher performance? 
Do you struggle with the balance of leading your team VS doing business tasks?
Do you feel spread too thin with an ever increasing stream of conflicting demands and priorities?

Then you need a SIMPLE way to accelerate your leadership. That's what we're here for.

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  • Our 10 week program "Leadership Simplified" is integrated in your everyday work – so you don't have to lose time away from your team and the business 

  • We put the emphasis on coaching and actionable tools – so you really see a real impact in your work

  • You get access to ready made templates that will save you time, reduce stress and confusion – so you can increase alignment, performance and engagement in your team

Why make it hard for yourself?

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What our participants say

"Excellent quality, it summarizes a number of different methods  and models that I find very useful to just keep in mind. Since I also feel a lot of trust for Kina's expertise, the value of the methods suggested is much higher than if I was just reading it myself."

Can you afford detours?

We bet that you need to reach results fast, regardless of what leadership role you have and regardless of what type of company you work in. So don't get stuck in time consuming trial-and-error when there is a proven fast-track. Get access to the knowledge, tools and templates that smart leaders in fast-changing companies use to reduce overwhelm, insecurity and confusion – and become a confident, effective and high-performing leader that your team loves working with.

The hacks that will transform your team's performance

This program is not just more general leadership theory – it's simple to use, practical tools and skills specifically designed for the challenges of a fast-growing company. Here are the five modules that we will cover:

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Leadership mindset

Become a multiplier

Learn how to adopt the mindset and habits of leaders who understand how to prioritize in order to multiply intelligence among their employees and have up to twice as much impact.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Prioritize

  • Delegate effectively

  • Coach and empower your team


Psychological safety

Make it safe to fail fast

Learn how to make everyone safe to share ideas, challenge each other, and admit to and learn from mistakes. Psychological safety is the single most important factor to get a high-performing team.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Build trusting relationship

  • Increase psychological safe

  • Facilitate creative workshops


Team performance 

Create clarity in chaos

Learn how to create alignment easily and get people to run in the same direction, set clear expectations despite constant change, and hold everyone accountable to high standards.

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Set clear goals 

  • Provide context 

  • Hold people accountable


Employee engagement

Spark the fire in your team

Learn what makes your people tick and how to get them excited about work. It will not only increase performance, but also most likely make them stay longer on your team!

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Assess individual motivation 

  • Recognize achievements

  • Give constructive feedback


Conflict & difficult conversations 

Take the bull by the horns

Learn how to handle difficulties in a smooth way – from team members clinching to addressing performance issues or toxic behavior. Knowing what to do can save you a lot of headache! 

You will get the skills and tools to:

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Address low performance

  • Communicate effectively

"I have really liked all the concrete and useful tips, as well as the interesting discussions with other leaders in similar situations. There’s a good energy in the program and the time is used in a very effective way. Having access to this kind of material and hacks also makes me more motivated to work on  my leadership. Also, I think it's worth mentioning that this is not only relevant to scale-up leaders, but to leaders in any kind of organizations!"

Tech founder, 30 employees

How it works

This 10 week online and interactive leadership program is created to be used and implemented in your daily work. Each module follows the same 2 week cycle to help you move from knowing to doing. That's how you create real impact.

1. Learning session

Understand the basic ideas and learn the most impactful hacks that really make a difference in your everyday work life

2. Templates & tools

Try out the hacks that resonate with you and watch the magic happen – in your mindset, in your team, and in your impact

3. Group coaching

Get support and be challenged by a professional coach – and your fellow leaders from other fast-changing companies 

"I chose this program since it really focuses on fast-growing companies and because of the setup with both learning sessions and coaching sessions. The hacks have been fantastic, and I have also learned a lot about myself and my organization through the coaching sessions! If you are willing to listen, change and try - it will be a great investment of your time and effort"

Scale-up leader, 48 employees

"Kina is an expert in creating engagement in learning sessions and well as group coaching sessions. She is open to discussing, iterating and taking feedback - it's even asked for. I would recommend her leadership course to all leaders open to reflecting and learning about their leadership style and adapting hands on hacks"

HR-manager, 160 employees

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Your facilitator 

Kina Liungman is a leadership developer and ICF coach who is passionate about developing businesses and people. She has been  working with fast-growing organizations both in-house and as a consultant, and has had a front-row seat to the challenges and triumphs that come with scaling a business. She has coached leaders in all company stages and also acts as a coach and advisor for CEOs and Chief People Officers on leadership, culture and other people topics.

Follow Kina on LinkedIn for ongoing inspiration and resources!

Early bird

Early bird: Sign up before 27 May

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Choose the support that suits your needs

Price plans

All prices are excluding VAT of 25% 

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More details about the program

Program dates

Start: 22 August 2023

with an online introduction session at 11.30-12.15 (CEST)

(will be recorded)

Then group coaching every other week from 29 August to 24 October

Learning sessions

You get access to all learning sessions online to watch before each group coaching session, whenever it suits you.

Tools & templates

All tools and templates are shared on the course platform, ready for you to use and apply in your leadership today. 

Group coaching

We have one group coaching session every other week on Tuesdays the following dates:


  • 29 August

  • 12 September

  • 26 September

  • 10 October

  • 24 October

All times are in CEST, and you sign up for the slot that suits your schedule best. ​These sessions are interactive and are not recorded

Coaching group 1


Coaching group 2


Maximum 8 people per group. More groups will be added if these fill upp.

Time allocation

Everything you learn in this program is aimed to be directly applicable in your work, and you will get to act on your new knowledge every week - fully integrated in your everyday work life.


On average you can estimate ca 2 hours per week dedicated to learning, coaching and preparation.

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