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Leadership simplified: Actionable hacks for mastering the art of leading

Essential hacks for
scale-up leaders

12 week program starting 1 February 2023
Live online
Action oriented
6 modules
6 group coachings
Community access
Abstract Iceberg

Take a faster and smarter way to become confident and successful in managing individuals and teams in a fast-growing (and chaotic) business

Are you a startup or scale-up leader who sometimes feel that you're navigating in the dark? Do you read leadership books, listen to podcasts, talk to people in your network and still struggle to get practical and useful advice on how to be a manager in the chaotic and fast-paced scale-up environment?  

This program is developed for you. With focus on mastering the most essential skills through smart action, we teach you the tools, shortcuts and habits that turn an overwhelmed and confused manager into a confident, liked and high-performing leader. It's not just more information. It's smart action that creates real success.


What you will learn how to do:

Psychological safety 

Hack #2: Make it safe to try & fail fast 


How to:

  • Build trusting relationship

  • Create a learning environment

  • Facilitate creative workshops

Growing the team

Hack #4: Hire well at speed


How to:

  • Define needs in time

  • Interview candidates accurately

  • Identify growth mindset 


Hack #5: Spark the fire in your team


How to:

  • Assess individual motivation 

  • Recognize achievements

  • Give constructive feedback 

Team performance

Hack #3: Make alignment simple 

How to:

  • Set clear goals 

  • Provide context 

  • Hold people accountable

Frustration and conflict

Hack #6: Make peace smoothly 


How to:

  • Remain neutral 

  • Identify root causes

  • Mediate effectively

Leadership mindset

Hack #1: Become a multiplier

How to:

  • Prioritize

  • Delegate effectively

  • Inspire through communication

The process
Learn – train – do

Create clarity in the midst of chaos (14).png
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Total bonus value: 620€

Your facilitator

Kina Liungman is a leadership developer and ICC diplomated coach who is passionate about developing businesses and people. As the former Chief People & Performance Officer at a Nordic insure-tech company, she has great experience of the different phases an organization goes through as it scales – and the challenges that come with them. She has coached leaders in all company stages and also acts as an advisor for CEOs and Chief People Officers on people topics.

Fists in Solidarity
"I cannot say enough things about Kina's managerial style. She is amazing! She empowers all those around her to be nothing short of their best. Kina empowered me to become a better recruiter, colleague, and person. She is so supportive and pushes you to do more than even you think you are capable of. Kina has the unique ability to create trust from the mere seconds you meet her. I truly wish everyone gets to have someone like Kina as a colleague and manager. She is the true definition of one of a kind."

Valerie, direct report at insure-tech scale-up Hedvig

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Total program value: 2870€
Create clarity in the midst of chaos (15).png
Create clarity in the midst of chaos (15).png
Create clarity in the midst of chaos (15).png
Create clarity in the midst of chaos (16).png

4,5h expert advice (value: 1350€)

9h coaching (value 600€)

10+ key templates and check-lists (value 300€)

Bonuses – 360, community, etc. (value 620€)

Excited News
You pay


(ex VAT 25%)

–10% team discount

when signing up at least 3 participants

Why so cheap?

This program is only the first step in building a Saas solution for scalable leadership development. The highly reduced price is to get as many people as possible to join, in order for us to get more feedback and input from leaders – so we can help maximize their growth. 

You get a highly relevant and valuable leadership program for a fraction of the cost, and we get to interview you for 30 minutes by the end of the program. Win-win!

Create clarity in the midst of chaos (17).png

Sign up now to accelerate your impact!

If you have any questions before you sign up, or want to sign up for more than 3 participants in your team to get 10% discount, contact us directly at 

**NOTE: You need to have at least 3 team members in order to do the 360 evaluation, in order to maintain anonymity

Thanks! We really look forward to working with you to accelerate your impact

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