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Unleash the power of accountability with our FREE leadership workshop

 Master the Art of Achieving Results

How to harness the power of accountability to drive results in your team and organization

Presented by Kina Liungman, leadership developer and former Chief People Officer

Kina is the facilitator of our leadership program "Leadership Simplified". She has designed and held over 50 workshops and trainings over the past years and has a background as Chief People Officer in a Nordic tech scale-up. She also acts as a coach and advisor to CEOs, Chief People Officers and other leaders who are looking to accelerate the impact in their business. 

27 april
14.00-16.00 (CEST)

online on zoom

"This is exactly what I need but I don't have two hours to spare"


You might be thinking. The question is: Unless you've mastered accountability and know that everyone in your team is doing the right things and achieving the best results they can, can you afford NOT to attend? 

If you invest 2 hours to improve your team 1%, this is what the compound effect will look like over time 


What you will get out of this workshop 

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